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The owner of VeryFitPro software, Shenzhen DO Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd. is committed to protect your online privacy. Please read the following statement to understand some of the sensitive permissions you need to use when using the App. This Privacy Statement may change from time to time, please check regularly.


Statement for using Sensitive permission

(1)android permission.CAMERA permission use

  1. Android权限,相机使用权限

This permission applies to the camera functions in VeryFitPro . When you agree to use this privilege, you can control your phone to take a picture with Smartphone. Use of this right does not result in disclosure of your personal information.

  1. Android permission.READ_PHONE_STATE permission use

This permission applies to incoming call alerts in VeryFitPro . When you agree to use this privilege, you can monitor the calls through the smart band, the band will remind you there is call coming, Use of this right does not result in disclosure of your personal information.

  1. Android permission.GET_ACCOUNTS permission use


This permission applies to user’s feedback in VeryFitPro . When you agree to this permission, you can send your feedback by email. The use of this right only for the quick use of your login mailbox for feedback, will not cause your personal information disclosure.

  1. Android permission.READ_CONTACTS permission use

This permission applies to the call alert and message alert functions in VeryFitPro . When you agree to use this privilege, when using the call alert function, when there is an incoming call, smart bracelet will display the caller’s information on the screen, When using the message alert function, you can also check the message from the screen of band.


(5) 后台定位权限使用
Allow the app to always run in the background?
Allowing "VeryFitPro" to always run in the background will help to record sport route, but will shorten battery life too. You can change it via phone Setting >>Notification
允许"VeryFitPro 活动"始终在后台运行将有助于记录运动路线,但也会缩短电池寿命。您可以通过手机设置或通知>>更改

  1. Disclaimer

2. 声明

This website / software is not responsible for any of the following: (1) any disclosure of personal information in accordance with laws, regulations, or government mandates;2) Disclosure of any personal information that you may have caused as a consequence of your ability to tell others about your password or to share your registration with others (3) any personal information disclosure, loss, theft or tampering caused by force majeure, such as hacker attacks, computer virus intrusion or attack, temporary shutdown caused by government regulation, etc. which affect the normal operation of the network.(4) Disclosure of personal information caused by companies we do not own or control, as well as persons we do not hire or manage, and any legal disputes and consequences arising therefrom.

本网站/软件对以下任何一项不承担任何责任:(1)根据法律,法规或政府授权披露任何个人信息; (2)由于您的个人意愿而导致的任何个人信息泄露,比如告诉他人您的密码或与他人分享您的注册信息(3)由于黑客攻击,计算机病毒入侵或攻击,政府法规暂时关闭等不可抗力因素等影响网络的正常运行而导致的任何个人信息泄露,丢失,盗窃或篡改;(4)因我们不拥有或控制的公司或我们不雇用或管理的人员所引起的个人信息的披露以及由此产生的任何法律纠纷和后果。

  1. Modifications and interpretations of this Privacy Statement

3. 本隐私声明的修改和解释

This Privacy Statement may be amended from time to time. This Privacy Statement is subject to change and the final interpretation of Shenzhen DO Intelligent Technology Co.

  1. Questions and suggestions

4. 问题和建议

If you have any questions or suggestions, please send an email to